What People Are Saying

Martha Nicholson

I don’t know what made me turn into the parking lot at Witzlib more than a year ago but I am glad I did. Derek has put together a program that I continue to be happy with! It is always changing and he knows when I am able to advance to something more challenging. I have gained more strength and stamina along with better flexibility and definition in my body. I feel much better and am able to do my day to day life with less effort. I do exercises with TRX that address my weaknesses and I could on Witzlib to prescribe the proper program that helps me stay fit and improve over time. It is never difficult but always challenging and rewarding.

Thank you to Witzlib and all of the people that make it what it is! I am NOT a gym person so this is perfect for me. Witzlib is on my to-do list
every week and I make the time for it. I feel cheated if I have to miss
so I rarely do.

Dorothy Jordan

Witzlib has the most incredible mix of people and offers the most cutting edge training programs. I always exerpeince an intense physical challenge, yet feel good after my workouts – empowered, strong and on a great high! I recently completed a half marathon with my best time – a attribute it to Witlzib workouts – they’ve increased my conditioning and kept me injury free.

Why try Witzlib? It’s all about community: working together toward our fitness goals in a fun, supportive and Challenging environment!

Alfredo Mesa

After years of working out on my own, thanks to Witzlib, I now love the concept of group classes. The Witzlib trainers provide a perfect atmosphere where I can be pushed harder than I would train on my own, yet do so in a safe, knowledgeable, and fun way.

Why try Witzlib? I call it, ‘the Witzlib Effect.’ The trainers are knowledgeable and lots of fun, and they have attracted a wonderful community of clients and friends and continue to bring in more. I love the people at Witzlib.

Susan Dutson

Witzlib has changed my attitude towards fitness and exercise. I want to excerise. It makes feel better inside and out. I feel great after training with Lisa. My body is able to do things I never thought it could do. I am able to run faster and longer than ever before. I love the results and I know it will only get better.

Why try Witzlib? This place is about the people and the atmosphere. Everyone has great energy and loves to be here. It makes you want to work even harder to meet your goals.

Kimberly Senior

Witzlib is personal. The trainers are invested in your success and you absolutely get results. The classes are small enough for the trainers to get to know individual needs and they tailor the workouts accordingly.

Why try Witzlib? Become a better competitor – at whatever it is you do. The Witzlib Team can challenge you and help you reach your goals while keeping it stimulating and fun.

Tom Grathwohl

Team Witzlib personalizes everything for me. I can feel their desire to serve their members … No compromises. Witzlib is a GREAT source for my “professional” stress relief and I have watched ALL of my annual physical statistics improve.

Why try Witzlib? Just Do IT … you won’t be disappointed … I would NOT go anywhere else!

Matt Vaughn

Witzlib – the place I go to be humbled. As a collegiate baseball player, I’ve experienced world class trainers and great facilities. After college and multiple surgeries on my shoulder I began looking for a new way to train. I discovered Witzlib. I have never felt more athletic or in better shape than I do now. I love the TRX training. I don’t love the core/yoga, but I do it, because I know it’s important for my body’s performance. The one-on-one help from the trainers is great and they really take the time to help you reach your personal goals.