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The Witzlib Effect – Rich Warren

Rich joined Witzlib in August of 2011 and the rest has been history.  We don’t need to tell Rich’s story because his results speak for themselves.  What we love about Rich is that he  understands to get real results, you have to make fitness a lifestyle.  ”Make it a priority and everything else around you seems to balance out” is Rich’s motto.  We asked Rich to share ‘What is unique about training at Witzlib”…

Aside from the name… every workout has a focus on different types of movement.  The trainers get to know you individually and make a point to encourage each participant.  From the very first class you attend, they make sure to introduce themselves to you, and also to the other participants in class. The instructors are serious about the workout, but they know how to make the class fun by adding a bit of humor as they include everyone.  They focus on good training good form for injury prevention and incremental gains rather than “blowing it out”.  Most importantly, they have built a sense of community.  It’s hard to explain what it is, you just know it and you want to be a part of it!  ~Rich Warren

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Introducing – The Witzlib Effect – Jenny Gruel

February marks 2 years of Witzlib in the works. What a ride. We continue to set ourselves apart by offering a unique and personal environment with expert programming from expert trainers. A training community like no other in Atlanta, our people rise to the occasion with infectious energy every time. It’s noticed around town and the word is spreading about Witzlib clientele. It’s time to introduce “The Witzlib Effect”. People that, through our experiences, have changed their life and continue impact and inspire others around them. This is why we love our job.

Starting with Witzlib has been one of the best decisions of my life. Initially I joined after having my second baby. I wanted to lose some weight and just get back to my “pre-baby” self. Then my younger sister got engaged. She asked me to be matron of honor so I knew I had to get my butt into gear.

I started training with Lisa. We made a realistic plan that made me feel confident and successful, and I have remained committed to it. Seeing other people work so hard at the studio has inspired me to keep working hard too.

Lisa’s training program has been perfect for my goals. We started off by focusing on good form and technique, while increasing my cardio endurance and core strength. Now, after several months of building my base, I can work faster and at a more intense level without worrying about getting injured. I understand interval and functional training and the reasoning behind everything we do.

The results have been great and they continue to motivate me. My clothes fit better. I am seeing definition in muscles that I never knew I had. My energy is through the roof, which comes in handy with two small kids at home. But one of the best results has been that people around me are noticing the difference. My husband thinks I look great and the compliments from the members at Witzlib have driven me to work hard. I love my cheerleaders at Witzlib.

When I started my goal was to look good for my sister’s wedding. While that is still a goal, it is definitely not the end game for me. My life has changed from working with Lisa. I love working out everyday. It’s now a lifestyle. In fact I feel off if I don’t work out. I even signed up for a bike ride, The Tour de Cure, in May. I have had to put in the sweat to get to this point but I really do attribute my results to the Witzlib community, Derek, Daria, Lissa, Lisa D, Amanda and of course Lisa Witzlib, my trainer extraordinaire.

Jenny Gruel

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Our New Website!

Welcome! I’m not sure blogs are the most popular media to follow anymore, but I think we can come up with some clever stuff to enhance your day and make it worth your time to check out this space.

There are two objectives for this blog. First, to provide our training community with additional education outside of class that will further improve your health and wellness. People come to us with lots of questions based around lifestyle demands, nutritional planning, exercise quantity and food. We’ll clarify the misconceptions, offer some tips, and provide suggestions for incorporating balance and moderation into your routine.

The second objective is to help link our community together through stories, achievements, motivational tips, encouragement, and stuff that straight up lightens your day. If you have a personal story or training goal that you would like to share, please send it along. We are about bringing people together to stay committed to exercise.

This website marks a huge milestone for me personally and for Witzlib. I’m very proud of the people that have brought this project to fruition, being patient, diligent, encouraging and supportive. It takes a team.

Model Crew, thank you guys for showing up to sweat with no AC on a July summer day. You have to admit, we got some good shots.

Kristen Wade, thank you for capturing the emotion and life of the training experience at Witzlib. I’m so proud to have you as my friend.

Lissy, Clay & Stephanie, thank you for the great brainstorm sessions and afternoon espresso. It’s true; you kicked my ass because I can’t kick my own.

Derek Snowden, another project finished and we still remain great partners and even better friends. You are Witzlib.

Michael Gottfried, thank you for your talent in building a dynamic and functional website that will help communicate Witzlib to the world. Your patience, professionalism and expertise are world-class. I love ambitious, creative, young people that go after it. Your company will be very successful and you have my strongest recommendation.

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TRX Rip Trainer Class – Try One Today!

The TRX Rip Trainer is the newest and most dynamic strength and performance building workout from TRX. Try it out!

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