Our New Website!

Welcome! I’m not sure blogs are the most popular media to follow anymore, but I think we can come up with some clever stuff to enhance your day and make it worth your time to check out this space.

There are two objectives for this blog. First, to provide our training community with additional education outside of class that will further improve your health and wellness. People come to us with lots of questions based around lifestyle demands, nutritional planning, exercise quantity and food. We’ll clarify the misconceptions, offer some tips, and provide suggestions for incorporating balance and moderation into your routine.

The second objective is to help link our community together through stories, achievements, motivational tips, encouragement, and stuff that straight up lightens your day. If you have a personal story or training goal that you would like to share, please send it along. We are about bringing people together to stay committed to exercise.

This website marks a huge milestone for me personally and for Witzlib. I’m very proud of the people that have brought this project to fruition, being patient, diligent, encouraging and supportive. It takes a team.

Model Crew, thank you guys for showing up to sweat with no AC on a July summer day. You have to admit, we got some good shots.

Kristen Wade, thank you for capturing the emotion and life of the training experience at Witzlib. I’m so proud to have you as my friend.

Lissy, Clay & Stephanie, thank you for the great brainstorm sessions and afternoon espresso. It’s true; you kicked my ass because I can’t kick my own.

Derek Snowden, another project finished and we still remain great partners and even better friends. You are Witzlib.

Michael Gottfried, thank you for your talent in building a dynamic and functional website that will help communicate Witzlib to the world. Your patience, professionalism and expertise are world-class. I love ambitious, creative, young people that go after it. Your company will be very successful and you have my strongest recommendation.

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