The Witzlib Effect – Rich Warren

Rich joined Witzlib in August of 2011 and the rest has been history.  We don’t need to tell Rich’s story because his results speak for themselves.  What we love about Rich is that he  understands to get real results, you have to make fitness a lifestyle.  ”Make it a priority and everything else around you seems to balance out” is Rich’s motto.  We asked Rich to share ‘What is unique about training at Witzlib”…

Aside from the name… every workout has a focus on different types of movement.  The trainers get to know you individually and make a point to encourage each participant.  From the very first class you attend, they make sure to introduce themselves to you, and also to the other participants in class. The instructors are serious about the workout, but they know how to make the class fun by adding a bit of humor as they include everyone.  They focus on good training good form for injury prevention and incremental gains rather than “blowing it out”.  Most importantly, they have built a sense of community.  It’s hard to explain what it is, you just know it and you want to be a part of it!  ~Rich Warren

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